Do you need some design visualizations; either mock up, quick sketches, or final design in 3D Modelling CAD?

Visualization model list: (currently)

  • Interiors: Bathroom, Kitchen, Films, TV or theatres set, office spaces, or even in a shed!
  • Furniture (indoor or outdoor)
  • Logo for Graphic designers
  • Architecture
  • Product
  • Bespoke spaces, i.e. tree-houses, small spaces, or bespoke sheds etc…

For model making businesses, is your time tight and require my help?  I have seven years experience of fine architectural model making.

  • Assembling - tacking glue / weld
  • Very fine work and producing as high standard model
  • Laser cutting - work out, preparation, cutting and assembling
  • Scale drawings - I can read architects scale drawings and convert to 3D model
  • Constructor
  • Joint and Junctions
  • Spray paint or hand painted
  • Various materials - from wood to plastics inc. Modlap




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